Breakfast Solutions

Pastry Trays

Assorted Pastries
Trays come with an assortment of muffins,
Danishes, and bagels. Cream cheese,
assorted jams, and butter served on the side.

Small (8-10 people)                            $21.99
Medium (10-20 people)                      $37.99
Large (20-30 people)                          $44.99

Mini Danish Trays
Assorted cherry, apple, blueberry, and cheese
filled Mini Danishes drizzled with white icing.

Small (24 Danishes)                           $19.99
Medium (48 Danishes)                        $34.99
Large (60 Danishes)                           $39.99

Fresh Baked Bagel Platter
Assorted bagels slice in half and in chips.
Cream cheese, assorted jams, and butter are
served on the side.

Small (6-8 people)                              $12.99
Medium (9-15 people)                        $23.99
Large (16-20 people)                         $32.99



Hot Breakfast Entrees

All sandwiches are served on toast, English
muffin, biscuit, or Kaiser Roll with fresh egg
and cheese. Bagels and croissants are $.50
extra. Breakfast meat is $1.00 extra.

Each                                                    $2.50

Homemade Quiche
-Bacon and Swiss   -Broccoli and Cheddar
-Mushroom and Swiss -Spinach and Feta

Serves 6-8 people                               $12.00



Hot Beverages
Your choice of regular or decaffeinated
coffee, hot water, or tea. Includes cups and

Box (8-12 people)                               $15.00